For Immediate Release – AMR-38L


After a quiet 2016 which saw the label release only a single EP, Altered Moods Recordings launches the first in a steady stream of releases for 2017 and beyond with its first double-pack since “Love…Lost and Found”, the first vinyl record it released back in 2006.

With “The Lodge”, AMR has joined forces with techno and jakbeat wunderkind D’Marc Cantu, who has a long, storied history with labels such as M>O>S>, Crème Organization, and Nation, and with his mentor and friend Tadd Mullinix as their duo 2AMFM. On this double-12, he shows us and the world his more melodic, deeper side, while still maintaining a sense of urgency and a fingerhold on the jakbeat throughout.

We have listened to this release for a long time and it never gets old to the ears. We are confident that this release will end up being a timeless classic in the coming years.

The release kicks off with “Always In My Mind”, a joyful saunter into the party, with crisp, clean kicks and hats, and a triplet chord progress that propel the track along.  “Blanket Statement” continues the journey, with tight drumwork wrapped in a haunting lead backed by warm, silky chords.

Next comes “Inordinate History”, a deft, gritty number with plenty of cowbell, a steady vibe, and lots of drum skills that we’ve become accustomed to with D’Marc. “Mozaic” is indeed a mosaic of emotions and thoughts…the song starts with no drums at all until a big booming kick lopes into the mix and sets the tone for the rest of the track. You also get a little taste of the acid, to let you know that D’Marc hasn’t forgotten his roots.

On the second slab of wax, we have the sure-fire, anytime floor filler in “S. E. G.”, but with a twist: After building and building and dragging even the most steadfast of wallflowers onto the floor for six minutes of heaven, the percussion slowly fades out leaving dancers in a state of euphoria. We’re sure you DJs’ll work it out. 😉

“Steam Funk” is a more contemplative piece after the joy-fest that was the previous track, great for the heads to put in a kick back mix with its laid-back chords with a thick bass darting back and forth underneath. The final, title track, “The Lodge” wraps up an amazing album with a final wave as D’Marc closes out this chapter on showing you how capable he is of mastering various styles.

We are overjoyed to bring in D’Marc Cantu as the newest member of the Altered Moods Recordings Collective. We plan to release this vinyl album in the summer of 2017. At the time of this writing we are still determining if there will be a digital release.

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