(Rezenio Kariem)

Rezkar’s fascination with music began with his parents’ record collection. Listening to local radio stations as a child, he heard 80s tracks which will always have a special place in his heart. As an adult he discovered the magic of 60’s and 70’s jazz and funk. In the 90s all his friends were listening to R&B and hip-hop, but he didn’t connect with that genre. Needing something more, he found himself listening to 80’s pop again and even rock tracks to try find that missing piece of the musical puzzle.

One day his cousin played a track that he immediately  fell in love with. He later learned that this was house music.  He discovered the Fruity Loops sequencer and thought “why not let me try to make my own tracks, after all it can’t really be that hard..?” Deep house can sound deceptively simple. “It’s a bit like Japanese anime,” Rezkar says, “it looks so cute and easy to draw, but try to draw it, and you discover it’s even harder than realistic drawings. The thing about house is that if you try too hard it can come across as being very cheesy, but then again, if you don’t do enough it can sound incomplete. Finding the balance is not easy…”  Hearing his music, one finds that he is learning this lesson quite well.

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