naolin gaspari

(Alexandre Lanzalavi)

Based in France, the Naolin project–aka Ernesto–is a new orientation for this DJ-producer. The Naolin project wants to add a sensibility of sexy spirit to music production. He started DJing in 1996 playing the small club scene. In 1998, he went to work at “most electronic record shops in France” for two years. At this time, he began to play bigger clubs with more famous DJs and discovered American techno and German “Minimal”.

In 2001, he built is home studio and started developing his own production identity: melancholy with minimal mood and percussive patterns. Faithful to his style, he never compromises his sound. In 2005, he discovered the mix/live, a real revolution in DJing. Listen to Naolin music, it’s coming from his soul.