marco nega

In 1988, on Marco’s 12th birthday, his uncle gave him a vinyl record produced by Tyree – “Acid Over.” This music was completely new and rare at this time, but nonetheless, Marco’s interest and passion for electronic music was born. One day, after listening to electronic music all day long, he decided to produce something on his own.

In 1996, after buying a Korg Poly-800, a Roland TR-707 and a cheap Alesis EFX – Marco made his first steps into programming and editing. The early tracks were simple and really bad, but the interest to produce something different held on. With regularly growing and changing setups, every free minute was spent diving into new soundscapes and rhythm structures. The Detroit styles of Omar S, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Moodyman as well as dub-tech, deep tech and ambient, all influenced Marco’s work. He merges the influence of these sounds with his “feeling” for minimal sound structures with flair of emotions that the listener can feel in every single track.