malcolm moore

While Malcolm Moore is the chief director of Altered Moods Recordings, he has to this date released only one full album of his own material on the label. This is mainly because of his desire to help other artists shine and master their craft. Mr. Moore is a joiner of souls, both in the literal sense, with his work bringing together seven different artists from around the world on the “Love…Lost and Found” compilation, and in the figurative sense, as is evident by his uniting many world wide with his musical talents, as shown with the “Luvfatuation” track on AMR’s debut vinyl release.

He started off as an avid house music listener in 1987, first introduced to the genre by the Minneapolis-based urban radio station KMOJ. He quickly found and became affiliated with others who were addicted to the deep house sound throughout the 1990s. But simply being a listener wasn’t enough. He moved on to become a DJ in 2001 and would launch the popular r0xNadZmy00zik website, which catered to deep house. Even then, his thirst was not quenched. By 2003 he had moved from DJ to producer, becoming involved in various deep house projects with friends, including the Sound Principle projects of 2004 and 2005. Finally, the decision to start a label arrived in late 2004 and he slowly began to weave his ideas about the music into reality, which he does to this day. It is his intent to push boundaries and try new things, while sticking to his deep house roots. In the now and beyond, AMR listeners can expect to hear more of Mr. Moore.