larry heard

Larry Heard was born May 31, 1960. He is a Memphis, Tennessee-based

musician that is widely known for the Chicago house music he produced

beginning in the mid-1980s. He was leader of the influential group Fingers

Inc. and has recorded solo under various names, most notably Mr. Fingers.


Born on the South Side of Chicago, Heard grew up hearing jazz and Motown

at home, and could play several instruments from a young age. Before

beginning his solo musical career in 1983, he was a member of the bands

Infinity (a Jazz-fusion cover group that included Adonis. He is sometimes

cited as having been a member of the Manhattan Transfer, but Heard has

denied this, saying, “I filled in for somebody on one show.” He also

worked for the US government as a benefit authorizer, which let him buy

his first studio equipment.


Although he has created much music and his career is ongoing, he is best

known for recording these songs, mostly from the mid-1980s. His smooth,

warm production style, with soulful vocals and long instrumental passages,

spearheaded the sub-genre known as deep house.