john heckle

DJ, Producer and Live Performer from Merseyside, UK, John began playing nights in and around Liverpool at the age of fifteen, before seeing his first record released a year later (thanks to boyhood hero Regis) under the alias Hek on Birmingham’s RSB imprint.

John then cemented a residency at the emerging Rehab event at the Lemon Lounge in Liverpool. With a policy of not booking big names and free entry, people travelled from across the UK to revel in the music. Various gigs around the UK followed, as he added Roland Drum Machines to his fast paced 3-turntable Live/DJ shows.

In 2009, following a lengthy release hiatus, he rekindled his passion for production after becoming inspired by the music of record label Mathematics Recordings, in particular the music of Jamal Moss, whom John had travelled to Belgium to see perform live.

John was soon welcomed onto Mathematics Recordings with 2010’s ‘Life On Titan EP’. A string of releases on Mathematics followed (including the 2-part ‘Second Son’ album), as well as notable releases on Tabernacle (including 2 EPs and a remix for Scan 7’s Trackmasta Lou), Signals (Hard Sleeper), and Crème Organization (‘The Last Magic Maker’ mini-album).

John collected a 2012 Qwartz Electronic Music Award in Paris for his ‘Life On Titan EP’, while 2013 sees the release of his second full-length album, ‘Desolate Figures’, on Tabernacle.


John has performed in over twenty countries, and he continues to do so using an assortment of hardware to accompany his ever-varying vinyl selections. Full hardware live shows are also part of his repertoire, and are perhaps what John is best known for, following appearances on Boiler Room, FACT and LWE.