exit zero

(Michel Diallo)

Mr. Diallo grew up loving music.  From listening to funk and disco in his early childhood – from as early as he can remember – to learning his own craft in the late 1990s, he was always inclined to this art form.  As he moved from listener to producer, he scored soundscapes in the music that interested him most – ambient.  And with a multitude of ambient artists’ influence to draw from – the likes of Steve Roach, Jean-Michel Jarre and Peter Namlook – he artfully studied their sound making techniques and drew upon his own inspirations to weave musical tapestries for the world to hear.  His first major effort was the label’s first official release.  He also shows his ability to span genres, as he is currently one of two artists who have released material under multiple genres.  His upcoming release “Hainault via Newbury Park” will be AMR’s longest ambient score.