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AMR release: Jesus Gonsev – Genki Dama AMR-37

AMR Expands its Understanding of the Tao of Life Energy

Newark, CA, USA – Monday October 21, 2018 –With its latest release, Altered Moods Recordings explores the mind of Spanish talent Jesus Gonsev, who co-owns and runs the Troubled Kids record label.

Jesus, who has recorded for not only his own Troubled Kids but also for stalwarts such as Prog City Deep and deepArtSounds, has made waves in both his native Spain and the rest of Europe as a DJ and producer, playing alongside pioneers such as Ernie Albacete of Minuendo Recordings and Detroit wunderkind Delano Smith, and recording a cracking EP on his own label with deepArtSounds boss Dan Piu. AMR is the first US label he has recorded for, and he brings a special treat to these shores.

“Genki Dama” is the signature move of Goku, the central character in the Dragon Ball Z series. It’s often mistranslated as “Spirit Bomb”, and a more accurate explanation is “Ball of Origin Ki, comprised of The Essence of Heaven on Earth.” Herein lines the mood that Jesus wants to set with this group of tracks. On the front side, “Genki Dama (Fuerza Universal)” sets the tone, with an acidic burble expanding into a pad-laced, percussive affair that soon welcomes an echoed voice that wafts in and out. “Old Times” comes next, with a crisp, chunky bass line and a tremoloed xylophone warbling in drunkenly to introduce itself to the scene. It leaves almost as soon as it arrives, leaving you with a warm sheen of a stringy pad that carries the track again until the xylophone gracefully returns.

On the flip, “Gargantua” reminds you of a lush, tropical beach setting, of sailboats skimming silently over still blue waters while their passengers sip daintily on frosty cold drinks in the warm summer sun. Pads envelop percussion with just the right touch, whisking you away to a paradise you can only dream of. After you arrive, get ready to dance as AMR chief Malcolm Moore brings in loons, bubbly flutes and synths, and mysterious vocals with the Life Energy remix to welcome you to the unfiltered decadence of it all.

The release will be available on vinyl in the fall of 2018. At the time of writing, digital availability has not yet been finalized.

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