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Oh what a treat we can present for you guys now. A vinyl only release on Altered Moods Recordings by 2DeepSoul. Altered Moods Recordings is a new label here at deepermusic and if their other releases are in the same category as this one there’s no doubt that they take their deephouse seriously. The labels was founded in 2006 by Malcom Moore.

2DeepSoul is a colloboration between Rai Scott aka Serendipity and Brad Peterson aka Trackmachine. They started colloborating in 2008 but this is the first release on Altered Moods Recordings and it is also their first vinyl release.

This release is what I would call cinematic. It takes you on a journey inside. Deep down inside. Coz this is really deep shit. Harmony became a trip into my own abyss…it is minimal, almost to the point of techno, but done with such a finesse and soul that I just had to listen to it over and over. This is the soundtrack to our background picture…alone staring at the sun in outer space… For the late late set this is a must have.

The other tracks are Continuance, The Deepness and Escaping Insanity. All of them high quality deephouse wrapped in the same soundscapes as Harmony. Beautyful cinematic spiritual minimal deephouse of highest quality.

As this is a vinyl only release we’ve made an exception and embedded the Soundcloud sample clip for you guys to have a listen. This limited vinyl release wil be on or around the 27th of May. Please pick it up if you like what you hear.



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