yours in deepness



Altered Moods Recordings’ Executive Director Malcolm Moore returns to the studio for a maximum session of sound. A fertile productive period has produced a six cut release this time, with something for everyone; from dance floor thumpfests to the thoughtful, stimulating intellectual food he is known for. Sit back and prepare to be fully entertained by an opus of breadth and depth…with a little extra helping of depth.

Touch me-a delightful little intro, a prelude or invention to freshen the palate in preparation opens up as a snippet of electronic wit, a teaser for the rest of the album.

Everything is a feast of rhythmic play and bright splashy claps, hi hats and thump that will make you start looking for a dance floor. The bounce and nod of this piece will definitely keep everyone moving. Trusting is a walkin’, waggin’, sassy burst of energy that makes you wanna open up your feelings to full throttle on an open road and feel the speed gliding inside these notes. Leading us to a love song for a rainy night: T’estimo (“I love you” in Catalan, the gorgeous language of Catalonia), a haunting eulogy to lost love, weaves in an out of melancholy and beat, bringing us to a delicate, thoughtful end of resolving tones disappearing up like bubbles to the surface.

Jus wanna be close, a taste of rhythm and light, entices with bell and synth sounds with an artful, warming hum of echo in the background. Moore wraps it up with lookin u in the i, a driving, silky glide into the night, into the deep we were promised with a drop straight to the bottom of bass and the essence of beat.