Skyway (also of Uzuri, M>O>S Recordings, and Daryl Cura’s deeply underrated Eargasmic Recordings) brings his signature brand of music to this slab of wax. But, like what he did with “Pilsen Sunrise” on “The Pancake Sessions,” he pushed himself far outside his comfort zone; something he admits was quite challenging.

When it came time to do the remix, Mr. Moore did not take on the task lightly. He had his own creative conundrums and preconceptions to overcome. He went even deeper to give the remix the proper treatment it deserves, and believes that listeners will be ecstatic with the results.

The funny thing in all of this is, all of the tracks sound as if they were made effortlessly. “Pink Donut” is a thick, lush, orchestral affair coupled to one of Skyway’s driving basslines – and is capable of starting or ending any DJ set -. “Wet Flood” is a dense, viscous, meaty track that stands out on its own or can easily bridge different vibes on the floor. And “Thunder,” the title track, is a stirring, rousing heater that builds almost immediately from its (somewhat) innocent beginnings to a climactic peak deep into the song’s progression. The Tsunami Punani remix of the track by Malcolm Moore has quite the interesting twist (and turn), and we’ll let you hear it out in order not to spoil the fun.


“Thunder” (Catalog No. AMR-29R) will have a limited, vinyl only release around late April 2013