the pancake sessions



“The Pancake Sessions” sets the mood for post-clubbing cool-down by joining chief label director Malcolm Moore with three of Chicago’s hottest, most underrated producers.

Joining Mr. Moore in bringing delicious deep house goodness in this release are Steven Tang, owner of Emphasis Recordings and up-and-coming dance music wunderkind, with releases on Aesthetic Audio, Generator Music and Machining Dreams, Sean “Chicago Skyway” Hernandez, who’s recently had can’t-miss joints on the Eargasmic Recordings and Uzuri Recordings labels, and Andres “Specter” Ordonez, who runs Tetrode Music, and has had a number of stellar EPs on bellwether imprints such as Sistrum Recordings, Downbeat and Deep Explorer Music.  This quartet of seasoned musicians effortlessly lays down your early-to-late morning grooves with “The Pancake Sessions.”

Moore starts things off right with “Red Eyes and Blueberries,” an essential late night jam for the dancefloor stragglers who just can’t get enough of the beat.  With its driving bassline, lush filtered pads and strings, and uncomplicated rhythms, DJs will enjoy having this secret weapon in their record bag to top off the night.  Chicago Skyway brings another stomper to the mix with “Pilsen Sunrise,” an ultra deep expedition into the Chicago sound.

On the other side of the pancake, Specter makes his head-nodding goodness an essential part of your morning with “Short Stack,” a laid-back, subtly-shifting number complete with thick, syrupy strings, an even thicker bassline and percussion straight out of Huck Finn’s Diner. Last, but never least, Tang sends you home full and satisfied with “Over Easy.” A luxurious yet down-to-earth affair with warm, analogue pads and tight drum work, DJs can either start or end the night  with it.