the deepness



This is their first collab for Altered Moods, and we are elated to have this, their first release–and their first together on vinyl–in our catalog. You can hear the sounds they both bring to the effort in every track. In virtually every bar.

One can hear Brad’s electro-synth magic merged with Rai’s highly articulated modern rhythms and finely shaped tones. Space opens up in “Harmony” allowing tones to define rhythm, then allowing rhythm to take over, and returning back to harmony.

In “Continuance (Theory of Lazy Clap)”, listen close to catch the call and response – back to each other, the previous cut, and the music they’ve both already composed. Subtle rhythms belie wit.

The most fascinating thing about their combined work is how well it encompasses both their sounds. Like looking at a child and seeing a father’s eyes or a mother’s smile, one can hear the definite imprint of each of the composers in all the pieces. Add Rai’s cool, sexy voice spicing up the shuffling dancefloor grooves of “The Deepness,” with her simple call to the intuitive realm, and a new magic emerges, taking us to the calming places of the underground.

We’ve always considered Brad to be among the more techno or electro voices in the AMR collective, but when “Escaping Insanity,” the fourth and final cut opens, it goes straight to funky with a soulfulness that only a human hand can craft, rounding out a sublime collection of beats.