deep core




It has been a long time coming, an album from AMR head Malcolm Moore and we at ISM are happy to say that it was worth the wait. With its depth, emotion, originality and surprising genre changes; it’s an album that we will have on our personal playlist for a long time.


S1 – Three Sides…And The Truth (2:40)

S2 – Everydaelife (5:31)

S3 – Own The Nite(90s House Rescrub) (3:23)

T1 – Hot 4 Me (For U) (6:43)

T2 – Faithful, Fearful (4:37)

T3 – Lunchtime Gaze (4:37)

W1 – Roadies R1 (5:20)

W2 – Enllac (Luvfatuated Micx) (5:57)

W3 – Purple Hindu (2:27)

Y1 – While You Slept (Després De L’enllaç) (4:48)

Y2 – Regrets (Think About It) Instrumental (4:04)

Y3 – We’ll Find Each Other Again (4:22)