flying feeling



Altered Moods Recordings has had a penchant for finding emotional music in the most obscure of places. Over the years, we’ve journeyed to spots like France, Italy, Russia, and South Africa to patch together our special palette of deepness. For this release, though, we return to the birthplace of deep house – Chicago, Illinois – and focus on one of its up-and-comers, Matthew Wieck.

Mr. Wieck lives and breathes the deepness, and his brand of music fits hand-in-glove with AMR’s mission of delivering ethereal melody with every release. The fact that he isn’t well known – either in Chicago or the rest of the world – was also very appealing. We’ve always felt that lesser-known names have more potential of delivering a big impact, and Mr. Wieck delivers in spades.

His first cut, “Flying Feeling,” is a testament to that. It starts off brash and sassy, with sinewy, edgy synths backed by lush pads that make you rise up. Another, larger synth lead swoops in and takes you higher, and then the drums join up for some crunchy, tracky goodness. In probably the most DJ-friendly cut of the release, Mr. Wieck brings it to a close with a long percussive solo, perfect for mixing out. Those who let it ride get the treat of a nice ambient finish.

“Hydroacoustics” comes out of the box in nearly the same way – with patterned, arpeggiated leads folded in amongst crisp, charged percussive work, held up by a warm, oozing pad underneath. There’s no build-up here, you’re pretty much thrust right into the meat of the track at the beginning and, save for a smooth breakdown in the middle and just enough change to keep things interesting, this is your drive for nearly the next 7 minutes.

“Worlds Beyond” does have an intro and a build-up. Mr. Wieck demonstrates his drum work again at the outset, and then brings it up a notch with a swoop into a key riff solo. Not content to stop there, he brings out the big guns: an acid bass line that’s been hiding in the first two thirds of the track leaps out front and center in this last stanza, darting back and forth through dark, foggy pads as the track crescendos into a climax where all percussion halts and you really are at the top of the world.

That’s when AMR director Malcolm Moore sweeps in and picks you up, “Cleared Direct” to a destination of ultimate lushness. Mr. Moore rises to the challenge Mr. Wieck has set, sidling up with lush, floaty pads, an organ reprising a drum role, and a sampled voice from Deepness Traffic Control telling you where you are and where you need to be.