first scene



Mr. Done! joins the talented cast with his first joint, “First Scene EP.”

Mr. Done! brings you back to the ‘90s club/dancefloor lounge with this exquisite 3-tracker. The first cut, aptly titled “First Scene,” is a dancefloor stomper. You’ll find yourself rushing toward the stage when you hear the first few bars of this track pumping through the sound system. Then, dirty old-school chords will drive you into a state of dancing bliss.

“Extra,” the second cut, is more laid back, with a driving, piano-led, acid-house beat which will keep you moving, whether you’re sweating it out on the floor or dancing in your chair. And it’s got a twist that will surely leave you stunned.

The third track, “Diamond,” is another banger, that again shows Mr. Done!’s flexibility – this track can be enjoyed on the dancefloor or on the iPod. With stabby leads and meaty percussion laced with gentle strings and dainty bells backing up the rear, wherever you are, you’ll find yourself putting Mr. Done! on repeat. We welcome this rising star to Altered Moods Recordings with open arms, and are sure you will, too!