desire more


(AMR-18) (out of print)

Jenifa Mayanja, respected New York DJ, producer and owner of Bu-Mako Recordings, steps into the Altered Moods Collective for an exciting two cut vinyl release, Desire More. The first side slides into a subtle groove with voices and synthy keys over a beat itching to get you on to the dance floor. Then a variety of warm melodies join in, bubbling and be-bopping onto the main cut, a collusion of claps, beats and riffs. Jenifa comes back and leads us to a saucy clarinet that could be rehearsing in the next room, unaware of our presence. Yet it echoes the feel of the piece, dancing away from and back to the rhythm.

The flip  side, Live Your Life, is a brisk walk and a nod to deepness, with Ms. Mayanja’s voice urging us toward the credo of the title: “live your life, before it passes you by.” Again, with a delicate layering of rhythm instruments, bells, claps, marimbas and hi-hats, she weaves texture and tone into chords and rhythm simultaneously. A head-nod thumper you’ll surely play over and over.