deep inner state



Release number 17 serves up another summit of the deep house minds, this time joining AMR executive director Malcolm Moore with Detroit underground house prodigy Rick Wade, who, together, put everyone into a “Deep Inner State.”

There are few veterans of the underground massive who have not heard of Mr. Wade. Whether in the studio or on the wheels of steel, The Angry Pimp – one of the most underrated and underappreciated names in the game – has consistently impressed listeners far and wide with his massive repertoire of musical skill.  But Rick is far from one-dimensional – he’s a very talented anime artist and aficionado, among other things!

Meanwhile, AMR chief Malcolm Moore is finally coming into his own as an artist and producer.  He has quietly and calmly honed and perfected his craft over the six years he has run the label, all the while learning from and teaching a bevy of up-and-coming artists, and helping them shine.

Big Daddy Rick leads the front side of the wax with “Interstate 94,” a testament to how well the man deftly balances deep-yet-banging: this tune with its thick bass, warbled pads and classic strings straight out of Harmonie Park, can (and will) be played just about anywhere.  Following up this club heater is “Jaime’s Heart,” a more laid-back affair that still stakes it claim firmly on the dance floor, while satisfying the needs of the Head-Nod Nation with its strong bassline wrapped around strings, pads and syncopation.

Mr. Moore makes the SF-Detroit connection on the backside by serving up “Interstate 80”, a chord-infused, clave-laced builder designed to make butts wiggle. “Deep Space” starts unassumingly at first, but develops quickly into a soon-to-be-classic harkening to early-90s house, with a deep, spacey twist to keep things all the more interesting.