Those of you who know Rezkar (real name Rezenio Kariem) know that he brings the heat, all day, every day. And it’s no different this time – “Cosmos” brings you classic deepness from the wunderkind from Port Elizabeth, South Africa – in the form of a seven-cut extravaganza and a three-track vinyl EP.

That’s right – as part of AMR’s “Commitment to Vinyl,” we have decided to also publish a 12” record that contains a subset of the digital album. Beginning with the first and title cut, with its drums and pads supported by a thick, analog bassline, will have you shaking it all on the dance floor. The next track, “Constellation” is the track you play before you go out for an evening of deep music – filled with tight drums, dreamy chords and another wonderful bass, Rezkar demonstrates his ability to subtly mold and shift without things getting boring. “Nebula” is the clear stomper of the album; a symphony of kicks, sweeping pads and an infectious rhythm that builds and builds until the dance floor is in a frenzy.

The fourth track, “Interface” is another classically layered piece that can be utilized just about anywhere – on the Function One or on the Bose. It’s a peak-hour track that builds and builds nearly infinitely, save for a slight pause in the middle for listeners to get some air before dancing up a sweat. Unlike “Interface,” the next cut, “Another Night” is more laid back, with a sweeping pad above and a chunky, buttery bass line darting up form below. This universally deep journey winds down with the final two tracks, “Continuum” and “Outpost,” the former a laid-back, sentimental sojourn infused with chunky leads, dainty triangles and bells; the latter an even more relaxed, trippy, galactic ride to a far-away place.