With the introspection and finely tuned touch that heralded her last release, See The Beauty, Serendipity returns to the AMR collective with Chordessence, a haunting and delicate collection of tracks designed to make you think, feel and move. The title track, Chordessence (Essence of Moods) is a gentle intro, starts with a beat and a kick and awakens us to what’s to come. After a little break, hand drums, congas and percussion slide in, and the layering starts. She’s back and at it again.

Deeper Moods starts with an even tempo and gradually brings in various percussion items that highlight a rhythm and greater backdrop of sound that fills and fulfills the ear. Little tricks and ideas float in and out of listening range and Serendipity’s sense of humor comes through along with her sense of timing and balance and range.

Listen to your heart is a floating piece that creates the mood for deep exploration, the soul scouring processes we all need to cool ourselves down and get back to what’s real. And in case you lose yourself in the harmonies and beat, her voice comes back gently to remind you what you’re here for: Listen to your heart.

With Retrospect, Serendipity plays out a great pun. While it’s a forward-looking piece designed to entice you into casting a glance back, it’s also a homage in rhythm and style to the roots of deep house; simple beat, good mix, great breaks and a careful melody woven in throughout. Her love and capability for the genre shines through.

She’s done it again. Chordessence is a hymnal of the roots of deep house: chords, rhythm, syncopation, highlights, melody and wit. All together in a refreshing, layered mixture of delight.